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November 24th, 2016

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At BlueSky Business Space our offices have been designed to utilise the benefits of open plan office space. Employees can concentrate and work in their own space if needed, or they can work together to bounce information off one another.

The design encourages debate and discussions and in this environment, collaboration is much more natural as there are no barriers to separate employees.

At BlueSky we are flexible to our customer’s needs.

A standard office is open plan however we can build single person offices or even meeting rooms within a large office

Not looking for something as permanent? Not a problem! We have meeting rooms in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire that can be hired by the hour, day or half day.

Through this natural method of communication, business and personal interaction will increase and in return improve employee relationships and make the environment more sociable. It forms more successful integration within teams and can improve moods through the creation of a social space. Working in a team can also be a form of social acceptance and in many ways, can diminish traditional hierarchies whilst increasing productivity.

Working together means there is less requirement for formal meetings …

Working together means there is less requirement for formal meetings, a scenario which can make a lot of employees nervous and unsettled. In a BlueSky office there is the freedom to say an idea across a desk which makes the situation much less formal and more relaxed for those involved. Working in this style of office can build ones confidence and let them grow as an individual.

BlueSky’s open plan office space allows your employees to work in an environment suited to them, all of which will retain privacy but most certainly increase personal growth and knowledge and emphasise the importance of working in a team to reach optimum productivity.

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