December 10

All about location and finding the best local knowledge

Here are Graham’s goals:

  • To build his business in Aberdeen to be as successful as in Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • To improve and increase brand recognition  
  • Open the Aberdeen office as quick and as effortless as possible

So Growing Graham knows what he wants, he wants to try out his business in Aberdeen and quickly set up an office, hassle free.

But with goals, there are often challenges, here are some challenges that Graham is facing:

  • Trying out the company in Aberdeen is an additional cost that should be kept to a minimum
  • It will be difficult to find time to set up a new office and look after the business at the same time
  • IT continuity throughout the business may be a problem
  • He wants to keep staff members protected from the risks of Covid-19

Graham is facing some difficult challenges, but luckily for him, BlueSky have experience in dealing with the challenges faced by people in Cameron’s line of work.

So, what can we do?

  • Our upfront costs means that Graham will know straight away how much he has to budget with no hidden costs
  • We will take care of setting up the office to the tenants requirement, allowing business to continue
  • With our IT infrastructure we can ensure your business communications and IT requirements will be taken care of
  • With our local knowledge of surrounding businesses in the area, we can introduce you to new connections to help grow your business
  • BlueSky provide temperature checks on arrival and provide multiple sanitising stations throughout the building along with hand washing facilities and signage

We work with our customers to provide space that works for them. If you outgrow your office, we can provide you larger space anytime throughout your agreement while keeping costs to a minimum. By having your address at our office, this will not only establish you in Aberdeen as a reputable company, but it will build a connection with Aberdeen clients, putting you on the map. BlueSky take care of all extras that are usually your responsibility when setting up a new office, from insurance to lift maintenance, meaning no extra costs involved.

So if you are like Growing Graham and you’re looking to expand to a new city and build up your reputation while saving on the many costs of setting up a new office, get in touch with BlueSky!

For more information, contact us at

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