September 11

Professional meeting rooms suited to you

Here are Molly’s goals :

  • To find suitable external meeting rooms in prime locations to meet with clients either socially distanced or virtually

So, Molly is looking to find a meeting room in a prime business location that is set up to allow for social distancing when meeting clients in person  but also has the facilities to allow her to meet with clients virtually when necessary.

But with goals, there are often challenges, here are some challenges Molly is now facing :

  • The meeting room must be cost effective as using an external meeting room on top of a traditional lease can increase costs significantly
  • Location needs to be beneficial and easy to access for both Molly and clients
  • The room layout needs to be suitable for social distancing and have the facilities to communicate virtually
  • Ensuring clients and visitors are protected from the risks of Covid-19 whilst in the building

These are some common challenges that Molly is facing and luckily for Molly, something that BlueSky can help out with.

So, what can we do?

  • BlueSky offers various sized meeting rooms lay-out to socially distanced guidelines at an affordable rate in prime locations
  • Offer the additions of teas, coffees and lunch if required
  • Provide state of the art technology including zoom rooms for any virtual meetings
  • Professional receptionists that will greet visitors when entering the building
  • BlueSky provide temperature checks on arrival and provide multiple sanitising stations throughout the building along with hand washing facilities and signage

At BlueSky, we work with our customers to provide space that is suited to you. With meeting room facilities available by the hour, we have an option to suit your business requirements. BlueSky have offices in prime locations within the city centre and the popular suburb of Westhill with parking either onsite or nearby. Our offices host a variety of meeting room sizes which can fit any business needs as well as rooms which can be altered to accommodate events. Guests are greeted by our professional receptionists who can also take care of any catering requirements.

So, if you’re like Meeting Room Molly are you’re looking for a meeting room asap within prime locations with flexibility, get in touch with BlueSky and we can be sure to help.

Get in touch at today!

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It’s time to take a break!

It’s time to take a break!

Need to book a meeting room?

Need to book a meeting room?

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