February 18

Is your traditional office lease coming to an end?

Something that this pandemic has showed people is with the help of modern technology, staying connected, collaborating and working together has been made easy, even when remote. Adapting to a new work routine has made a significant impact on people’s work-life balance, with a large proportion of people now preferring flexible working, compared to being in a traditional office for long hours.  

There has also been a significant rise in businesses ending their leases early as they no longer see their traditional office as essential for the running of their business. The many costs of running a traditional office quickly add up, so saving up some extra money on furniture, equipment, fit-outs, supplies can be good when the future is so uncertain.

Something that has become apparent is that although ending a lease for a traditional office space can be seen as attractive, there is then the problem of where do your team work. Working from home doesn’t work for every business, with some team members needing a more distinct line between home and work, some businesses needing the benefit of a work address and others needing somewhere their team can collaborate and work together in person.

This is where BlueSky could help you. We offer serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms which can be tailored to suit your way of working, different to each individual business. We understand that business needs can change quickly and especially at the moment, without much warning.

We can offer space that unlike traditional office space, is fully furnished with no hidden costs. The amount of people you want in the office may increase or decrease, especially with government guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic, which we understand. Fortunately, we offer short and long contracts and are happy to accommodate you depending on your changing needs. 

If you’re unsure about the further need of your traditional office space, get in touch with BlueSky Business Space and we can discuss something flexible that works for you.

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Need to book a meeting room?

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