September 23

Plug in and play straight away

Here are Steve’s goals:

  • To develop a professional brand reputation
  • To have a space for virtual meets with clients and potential clients

So, Steve’s goals are to create a professional reputation for his new business and also have somewhere he can go to have virtual meetings with clients that maintains a professional image.

But with goals, there are often challenges, here are some challenges that Steve is facing:

  • Steve is worried that due to working on his own that he might get lonely after being used to working within a large team
  • Committing to a long lease is a big risk for a new company, especially when Steve won’t be in the office 100% of the time
  • Steve hasn’t done anything like this before and doesn’t understand all the extras that are required in having your own office
  • In case of visitors, inviting them somewhere Steve feels is safe and protected from the risks of Covid-19  

Steve is facing some hard challenges due to being a start-up, fortunately this is something that BlueSky see a lot of and therefore are able to help.

So, what can we do?

  • BlueSky provide fully serviced, modern, office space – by managing the office space, we allow people like Steve to focus on his business whilst we take care of all the extras required in a professional environment
  • We offer flexible short term leases to minimise risk for new companies
  • Our co-working facility allows Steve to work socially distanced alongside other like-minded people, and eliminates the chances of being lonely
  • Our manned reception means that Steve will always have someone available to answer his calls whilst he focuses on growing his business at this crucial stage
  • BlueSky provide temperature checks on arrival and provide multiple sanitising stations throughout along with hand washing facilities and signage

At BlueSky, we work with our customers to provide space that works for their needs. Our offices are staffed with professional receptionists and our meeting rooms are up to date with the latest technology. With meeting room hot-desking facilities available by the hour, and short term leases available on our standard and co-working offices, we have an option to suit your business requirements.

If you’re in a situation like Start-Up Steve’s, get in touch with us today and see what BlueSky could do for you, at

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Need to book a meeting room?

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