March 13

Build Connections with BlueSky Business Space

In today’s current climate, it’s important to spot and make the most of the opportunities around us. But how do we come across them?


Networking has this unfair stigma. You hear the phrase networking and you instantly think men in shiny shoes selling to everyone and anyone who will listen. This isn’t how networking is done – or at least it shouldn’t be.

Ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know?”

At BlueSky Business Space we find that ‘hard selling’ isn’t the best approach for most companies and would rather build relationships within our networks.

But how do you build connections when you’re just starting up and you’ve a limited (if any) marketing budget allocated and can’t afford to pay for endless events?

At BlueSky we host regular FREE tenant’s events, encouraging our tenants to network with each other. From our weekly informal coffee and cake and our ‘Lunch n Learns’, BlueSky have a variety of events for tenants to attend free of charge which takes place in a much more relaxed environment.

Build a network from your desk …

In addition to these events, working in a building with numerous other tenants from different industries allows you to build a network from your desk, so not only are you growing you contact list but you don’t even have to leave the office!

BlueSky Business Space have fantastic breakout areas where you can get to know your co-workers on a personal level. Build friendship and respect over lunch but don’t feel any pressure to stay for an allocated time slot!

There are many benefits to serviced offices (check them out here) but when you work in an office with solely your business, you can’t share your business as easily. When you’re in a BlueSky office, your co-workers from other companies get to know you and your business, and you can easily unintentionally network as they recommend your company to friends, families and clients.

Connections mean everything. Build relationships, get your name out there and network with BlueSky Business Space.

Want to talk about how we can support your business? Contact us now and we can talk through how we can help at BlueSky!

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Need to book a meeting room?

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