If you work from home, here’s some reasons why you need a virtual office

September 25th, 2019

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Working from home is becoming far more common and is a beneficial choice for the likes of start-ups, expanding businesses, relocation and the self employed. But, can you uphold a professional image and dodge the disadvantages of a conventional office? This is where virtual offices could be the choice for you and your business.


Working from home is an ideal situation for a lot of people but there are some definite disadvantages when it comes to image and appearing as a professional business, fortunately this is something that virtual offices can help with. Having a virtual office means that you and your business will advantage from the image of a prestigious mailing address along with telephone numbers plus answering services and call forwarding, basically benefiting from from an in-house receptionist without having one. Virtual offices can also allow businesses to appear available in cities where they want to look as if they have a presence, this could help with companies who are looking to expand to a particular location in the future. Another positive is when it comes to networking events or meetings, your business cards will have the benefits of a work email, telephone and location.

If you currently work at home and are predicting expanding or are debating making the move to a conventional office set up, maybe try out serviced offices before you make the big move… here are some extra benefits of this.


Serviced offices can help to kick-start your business for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. It will save you with the costs of necessities such as rent, staffing and equipment. You don’t need to worry about heating your office or buying supplies for your staff as serviced offices have this all sorted for you. The cost of everything is combined so no surprise charges will be found. All you need to do is turn up and you’re walking straight into a fully functioning office space.


Valuable time will be saved by not having to deal with searching, decisions and moving into a new property. Virtual offices also help in eliminating the need for office management which can be a time-consuming factor. You can move straight in within days and start operating business as usual from the office. Another time saving benefit is meeting rooms. Readily available rooms for the smallest of meetings to the largest. Meeting rooms are always available and there’s no need to even leave the office!

If serviced offices sound like they could benefit your business in some way, get in touch for more information or request a viewing via our website.

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