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August 20th, 2020

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Meet Project Pete! He is a senior manager who works for a large Oil & Gas company in Aberdeen, he previously worked offshore before transferring onshore roughly 15-20 years ago. He has vast experience across the company and has had various job roles but, he has been faced with a tricky task. He has been asked to take the lead on a new project and it is up to Pete to accommodate the team working on the new project.

But, with the current guidelines in place surrounding the pandemic, Pete is having trouble figuring out how and where he can accommodate the team safely.

Here are Pete’s goals:

  • To accommodate staff short term during an increase in staff numbers for a new project
  • To find temporary additional space to allow his new staff members to work in a socially distanced environment

So Pete knows what he wants, he needs a short term workspace that allows the team to work together on their new project, and with that, he needs this space to be large enough that they can continue to work socially distanced.

But with goals, there are often challenges, here are some challenges that Pete is facing:

  • Projects have deadlines; Pete needs hassle free accommodation where his staff can start work on the project ASAP
  • Finding suitable additional space that is large enough to accommodate staff members whilst adhering to social distancing regulations
  • Keeping his staff members protected from the risks of Covid-19 whilst in the building

By the looks of things, Pete is facing some difficult challenges, but luckily for him, this is where BlueSky could sort all of Pete’s worries.

So, what can we do?

  • BlueSky offer a plug and play concept = zero downtime for Pete’s staff
  • There is 24-7 access to the building so projects can be worked on at a time that suits the business best
  • Office space is interchangeable to accommodate various numbers of staff
  • Our flexible leases allow for short term occupancy, perfect for one-off projects
  • BlueSky provide temperature checks on arrival to the building and provide multiple sanitising stations throughout, along with hand washing facilities and signage

At BlueSky, we work with our customers to provide space that works for their company’s individual wants and needs. With meeting room and hot-desking facilities available by the hour and short term leases available on our standard and co-working offices, we have options to suit different business requirements. We can provide space for projects at short notice, allowing us to take the time and hassle out of setting it up. If the project expands and you outgrow your office, we can provide teams with larger space anytime throughout the agreement, keeping costs to a minimum.

So, if you’re like Project Pete and are facing some challenges with a project deadline just around the corner, get in touch with BlueSky and we can be sure to help.

Get in touch at today!

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