April 6

Fact or Fiction?!

Which is why at BlueSky we’ve put together your own little personal cheat sheet so you feel like a winner. C’mon people – KNOWLEDGE IS KEY after all!

Below are some facts and some myths in relation to serviced offices – don’t worry we’ve listed the answer below each one.

1. Serviced offices are EXPENSIVE and its cheaper to sort a traditional lease

FICTION! On the outside looking at that one single cost it does look pricey, but have you considered the breakdown? Serviced offices are all inclusive. Think about it, how much does your receptionist cost? Serviced offices have one included….as well as all utility bills, electricity, insurance…shall we go on?

2. Your lease is variable

FACT! And what a great fact for it to be. As we said the property market is a challenging game, so why on earth should you have to put more pressure on yourself if it doesn’t suit your business? We all love our freedom don’t we? Well so should your business. Need office space for a few months or a few years? We’ve got you!

3. Serviced Offices aren’t in PRIME locations

FICTION! If anything a huge benefit of serviced offices is you can work in a prime location that may be too expensive in a traditional lease. Now we’re not trying to blow our own trumpet here but we have offices in Aberdeen’s West End AND in Westhill *cough* centre of excellence for oil and gas and subsea sectors *cough*

4. You can access them 24/7

FACT! Everyone is different, we work better at different times of day and we all have personal lives. So 24/7 access means you can operate your business around a time that works for you and your colleagues. Some of you may be thinking about the security risks, but that’s why they have top of the range security systems, so anyone who shouldn’t have access to the building, won’t be able to get in!

5. There’s a lot of hidden costs

FICTION! Serviced offices want to see you grow. An all-inclusive deal means everything is up front, so you can focus solely on your business. If you’re ever confused and want to confirm anything, speak to the General Manager – they can put your mind at ease.

6. There’s a community like feel

FACT! At a serviced office you get to work with so many other individuals from so many backgrounds. Just think of that widespread knowledge base you have next door. You’ll tend to find there are networking opportunities thrown in throughout the months to help you access this. It’s almost like a second family – right down to that playful argument of who moved the sugar in the kitchen… ahhh a home away from home…

7. You’re stuck in a small office with no room to expand

FICTION! OK so we can’t speak for everyone here but (shameless plug) BLUESKY WILL MOVE WALLS FOR YOU. Yes you read that correctly. At BlueSky we have the ability to move walls to offer you more space for WHEN your company succeeds and you need either more room for staff or equipment.

Got more questions that need answered? Give us a call on 0845-371-1333 and we’d be happy to help.

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Need to book a meeting room?

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