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The 21st century has evolved to the point where its normal to become distracted by the advances in technology, whether that be social media, texting, online shopping or reading your favourite magazine or paper online (because it’s so much less obvious you’re taking a sneaky break if you’re reading your computer screen!). The point is, whilst these things are great, they should really be left for the lunch break.

Involving yourself in these kind of activities actively discourages you from continuing with your daily tasks, and it becomes harder and harder to feel motivated.

This can often be a problem to employers, staff will often continue browsing the internet long after their breaks which discourages staff from continuing with their daily tasks, and it becomes harder and harder to feel motivated.

Struggling to get staff motivated after lunch time? BlueSky Business Space are here to help!

Organisation is key to retrieving that work motivation. A lot of people thrive under pressure, and whilst others don’t, a list or spreadsheet of your deadlines and tasks works for both. Those who thrive see the deadlines and become agitated to see the tasks checked off, those who crash can plan their time so they don’t leave important tasks to the last minute.

Depending on the location, BlueSky Business Space offer games rooms, exercise areas and soft seating where people can relax. By encouraging staff to step away from their desk when taking a break from their work, people are able to switch off for short periods then return to their desk ready to work.

Throughout school you will have noticed the importance of a concentration span …

Throughout school you will have noticed the importance of a concentration span, and how most people need to switch things up in order to stay engaged. With access to comfortable and inviting break out areas, staff enjoy taking time away from their desk to stretch their legs, relax and most importantly socialise with others.

We also have trained reception staff who are there to help take your calls whilst you’re busy with daily tasks and our offices are located in prime locations in Aberdeen. Our Westhill offices are close by to major supermarkets and our city centre offices have plenty of shops and cafes nearby, perfect for a leisurely stroll to get you out the office and have a change of scenery.

BlueSky Business Space is a local, family company. Going that extra mile for tenants, we pride ourselves in being flexible to your business needs.

Want to talk about how we can support your business? Contact us now and we can talk through how we can help at BlueSky!

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It’s time to take a break!

It’s time to take a break!

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Need to book a meeting room?

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