Zoom has now come to BlueSky!

March 12th, 2020

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Fed up of spending half your time messing about with wires before a conference call? Are poor audio and video quality issues disrupting your productivity?

You’re not the only one, 40% of conference calls are interrupted by some sort of issue. If only there was an answer to solve all your conference call problems…

Now there is! Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration all wirelessly. It provides all normal conference call capabilities but with all the benefits of a cloud-based platform, including connected flexibility, rock solid reliability and unrivaled agility.

The biggest pain points of the conference room are starting a meeting, booking a meeting and sharing content. With zoom you can quickly join meetings, book meetings and can wirelessly content share with the click of a button.

With or without the app, you can join meetings, screen mirror to allow content to be shared and share files easily with other users. You also have the ability to record meetings, useful for absentees. All of this can be done from either a desktop/laptop or mobile.

Customers who switch to zoom report an increase in performance, trust and engagement…

92% report an increase in performance

82% report a greater sense in trust

91% report a greater sense of engagement

85% saw an increase in video usage

It offers one easy solution for all your meetings, team chats and more, all navigated from one single tool.

Zoom is now up and running in our Dunnottar room in Citypoint and Morocco room in Westpoint.

Book a meeting room with BlueSky today to try out zoom for yourself!

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