How to maximise a small office space

August 18th, 2016

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At BlueSky we like to make the most of our office space so here are some ways we recommend you can help maximise your office space!

Ditching the clutter!

Keeping your desk clutter free, is a great way of keeping your office looking bigger whilst also improving your business efficiency. When you are tight for space, paperwork is just taking up extra space you can’t afford to spare!

  • Try posting your momentos on your walls instead of on your desk
  • Invest in space saving furntiure to efficiently store the majority of paperwork and other office possessions
  • Paperwork has an awful tendancy to pile up and cause unneccessary clutter to your office – making a point of regularly filing paper work will help keep your desk clear and your office looking bigger.
  • Keep all paperwork digital where possible – this one is very dependant on the type of business as some businesses require more paperwork than others, but we’re all guilty of excessive printing and stashing paperwork!

Think about where things go

This sounds like an obvious one, but we are all guilty of it! Try and find an exact home for everything! By giving everything a home, you are much more able to keep your office space neat and tidy, as you know where to put things back to! It is also important to remember and keep the things you use most often or those that are most important, close by and easily accessible. Anything which isn’t used very often can be stored further away from the main work area.


Having enough lighting will make your office feel brighter, and therefore bigger! Try and position your desks relative to the window and make sure you don’t have anything blocking your light, such as curtains or blinds. If your window is small or non-existent then use of desk lamps will come in very useful. Dark spaces are usually associated with smaller areas, so by significantly increasing the amount of light in the room, you won’t feel nearly as cooped up in your small office.

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