A home away from home

July 2nd, 2020

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Over the last few years, the amount of people working from home has increased, and this is certainly the case in the last few months, where almost 60% of the UK have been made to work from home to help combat the current pandemic.

Some of us may be enjoying the working from home option but like anything, it can have its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of working from home include being interrupted by the phone, children, dog etc. There is also a great deal of distractions while working from home, and you may find yourself enjoying a break from your busy office but noticing that you are not as efficient when working from home.

This is where BlueSky comes in and can offer you a home away from home.

At BlueSky you can have the perks of working from home in our offices. We can provide you with the freedom, the flexibility, the facility to work alone, all in a safe, friendly and professional working environment.

A good example of BlueSky’s flexibility is with start-ups and SME’s, their future isn’t always solid but with BlueSky, we can accommodate these companies with short leases and flexibility to ensure their businesses the best chance of survival.

So, if you are enjoying the benefits of home working but don’t want the drawbacks of this, come to BlueSky where we can offer you a home away from home.

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