July 16

Fixed monthly costs for BlueSky serviced offices… sound too good to be true?

We offer fixed monthly costs, so you aren’t unexpectedly hit with any unwanted surprises. We take the stress out of sorting out numerous bills, setting up IT, training reception staff, all is covered under one friendly cost.

One fixed cost still stands when it comes to our virtual offices!

We offer a bronze or silver package that offer the benefits of a physical office without the costs of running one! So, use what you’re entitled too as much as you want and pay the same price!

At BlueSky we encounter a lot of small and startup businesses and through this we understand that the very start of your business journey is a highly critical time that requires a lot of your focus. We want to see your company thrive and do well from its humble beginnings right to the very end. This is why we priorities removing the stress and hassle of organising and sourcing your office space, all you need to do is take your laptop and you’re ready to go!

Committing to a long lease is a big risk to a new company and we understand this at BlueSky, which is why we offer flexible lease terms to minimise risk. But maybe you’re optimistic that you will need a long lease? We can discuss and agree on a lease length of your choice based on your business predictions. We accommodate both short and long leases and can discuss extending it when the time comes if you don’t feel like leaving us just yet.

So, with one fixed monthly cost and the choice of the length of your lease, what more could you want?!

For more information email info@blueskybs.com or request a quote/book a tour via our website.

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